April 16, 2024

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Eén aflevering ver, of er valt al een dode in ‘Familie’: “Eruit met een knaller”

One episode away, or someone will die in “the family”: “There…

Herbert Flack appears on the scene as the villain Leon de Baudt.

They call it coming with a fanfare. The beginning of the thirty-first season of family It was spot on as the swan song by actor David Kantins on Monday night. His character Jonas was slammed to death from a container suspended meters in the air.

Season Opening family It became one of the history books in terms of suspense. In the field of drama and tragedy, Simon (Bram Firth) and Jonas (David Kantins) have contributed a lot. They went to summer vacation, fought back, and took the thread again on Monday evening. The harbor container in which they fought their struggle to death suddenly lifted up and relaxed. They clung to a net, but when I tore them apart, they fell tens of meters into the depths. Hours later, Jonas is taken lifeless from Scheldt, and there is no trace of Simon at the moment.

One episode away, or someone will die in
Photo: BELGA

David Kantens had already indicated last year with family Wanting to stop, the scriptwriters have already given him an unforgettable way out. “I am so grateful for the many private encounters that took place inside familyCanteens said. “The writers and I are convinced that Jonas’ character must come out strong. Or as Neil Young sang: It is better to burn than to fade.

The tragedy will reverberate in the upcoming episodes. After all, it is already known that Jasmine van Hoof, who plays Jonas Stefani’s girlfriend in the series, also decided to stop family.

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Herbert Flack as an evil colonel

left counties family In a striking way, then made Holy beast Herbert Flack debuted in at least a great way. Leon de Baudt turns out to be the main responsible behind the kidnapping of Lars (Kurt Rogers). He and his son Raven (Aaron Blumart) were on the Colonel’s trail in search of their (elderly) father. After Lars is left dead in the woods, Leon appears with Lars’ mother, Brigitte (Jeanine Bishops). The two know each other for sure, but the full story behind the former colonel’s dark side has yet to be revealed. Lars, who eventually managed to escape, did not want to meet Leon again. We doubt that he will soon face unpleasant surprises.

However, the episode ended on a positive note. Hanne (Margot Hallemans) receives good news at the hospital. Quentin (Maxime de Wine) regained consciousness after a heart attack. The story continues on Tuesday, although there is a two-month time jump.

One episode away, or someone will die in
David Kantins disappears after Monday night’s episode of Family.
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Family, VTM, 8 p.m.