February 5, 2023

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Actress Anne van den Broek shares hopeful news about cancer: 'I have a tumor in his stomach'

Actress Anne van den Broek shares hopeful news about cancer: ‘I have a tumor in his stomach’

Actress Anne van den Broek said via Instagram that she has completed the first phase of her battle against breast cancer. It appears that “the tumor has already shrunk significantly, and I am on the side.”

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At the beginning of August, Van den Broek stated that doctors had diagnosed her with breast cancer. Now she has hopeful news: “The day before yesterday I jumped for joy and drank the alcohol-free coupe Because yesterday I received my twelfth and last chemotherapy from Taxol! “, she told her followers. According to the musical actress, it is about “the end of the first stage in this hot process.”

She confirms having chemotherapy in her body anytime and anywhere. “But so far I’m fine. Besides being very tired at times, I don’t really have other side effects. Or nothing I can’t stand.”

super powers

However, this does not mean the end of her treatment, and now four cycles of chemotherapy every two weeks follow her. “This is heavier, so I secretly hope to have super powers They continue to do their work here. I’m expecting the worst, so it might not be so bad.”

The actress notes that she should especially listen to her body and get plenty of rest and sleep. But she also wants to keep moving and do something fun with friends now and then. “I want to find a goal that I can attract myself to and work when I can. Receive flowers and gifts from my dearest family, friends and colleagues. And lots of love.”