May 24, 2024

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Cows don't just get enough: according to linguist Leoni, there's more to it

Cows don’t just get enough: according to linguist Leoni, there’s more to it

“That was really Eye. Then I thought: “Let me see how animals talk.” And why cows? “I was already familiar with cows, and I thought they were social creatures, so I thought it would be interesting to delve into them,” Cornips explains.


When we’re standing on the farm or pasture, we think the cows are saying boo, “but he says it in many ways,” the linguist explains. “When he greets you, he says ‘mm.’ in a low tone. But when the calf asks for milk, you hear more ‘it’. To both the farmer and the other cows. So both sounds have different meanings. You can really hear the cows greeting each other and the farmer when he enters the barn.” .

There is not much difference between cows and bulls. “But you can tell from some things whether it’s a male or a female. So you have a short, repetitive sound ‘aaa eh’, made only by bulls. You wouldn’t hear that coming out of a cow. I don’t know what that means, because a lot simply isn’t known yet. “.

joking and running away

employment (Some) people can flirt like the best, but cows can also appear to appear to be sentence or judgment on to have. “When a cow is fertile, it makes a really long, loud squawk,” Cornip explains. Unfortunately, the only thing that often comes back to that is IVF.

When cows feel safe and comfortable, they make a slightly humming, “melodic, almost” sound. But in addition to sounds, we can also learn about some things in cows through body language. For example, the ears return – just like your cat – when they feel threatened. “And a fact about cows: When they’re scared and want to run, they first empty their bladder and intestines so they can run faster.”

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To attract

Not unimportant, when you’re back in the meadow and just want some attention from the cows: how can you lure them as a human? The advice from Cornips is to “speak very softly, only in human words.” In Sweden, people sing too ash, to call the cows. Then they really come to you.”

An example of ash? You can see that below.

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