May 28, 2024

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Neymar engineers strive for a light and attractive design

Neymar engineers strive for a light and attractive design

Today Imagicasa brings you a promising young talent: nōmar architects. Founders Justin Peltiau and Tim Bilan treat architecture as an interactive process, in which designs are developed through extensive studies of different scenarios and slowly fused into one powerful idea. Within each project, the couple seeks to create a sensory structure that is visionary, site-specific, and sensual that makes a positive contribution to people’s lives.

Neymar’s architects in Ghent’s office do not have a defined style but a holistic and innovative way of thinking. They are convinced that generosity is reflected in careful dialogue with specific users and the complex environment in which they operate. With its progressive structure, dialogue is always central, both to the interior design process and to their interaction with external clients and consultants.

A place where you can fully relax.

Founders Justin Peltiau and Tim Belin designed a south-facing apartment called Project nō. 00 in the heart of Ghent. The house is located along the banks of the River Leie, hidden in the shadow of De Krook Library. The existing floor plan consisted of a large square area, which limited the possibilities of connecting spaces to divide the living space. The absence of walls ensures that the furniture has a double function: on the one hand the interpretation of the residence and on the other hand the division of the floor plan into spaces. In this way, the architects created the two most important functions of living: eating together at a round table and socializing in the sitting area. Moreover, the scenic view over Ghent provides a unique experience. Thanks to the many windows, the apartment has a very rich light. The color palette is given a mix of lighter tones for the walls and floors and the furniture set accents in the space, creating a nice contrast. In short, their vision of architectural intervention became the concept of furniture.

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The architects at Neymar aim for a light space and a frivolous atmosphere with their interior design. Each piece of furniture was deliberately placed independently to separate it from the house and allow the resident to enjoy a beautiful view of the water from the centre. Despite its central location in the city, the founders have created a place that radiates complete tranquility. Imagicasa is already keeping an eye on nōmar architects for their more promising projects. Pillar Shots’s photo