May 28, 2024

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“Create an amazing square meter” |  Barnifield newspaper

“Create an amazing square meter” | Barnifield newspaper

Barneville / Ermelo Denita and her family have been working on a mission for months: renovate their dream home for a bright future in Ermelo. The bungalow they bought got a huge makeover. There is no shortage of space, because the detached house is now richly equipped with a BAS chapel. A choice they are happy with and stand behind them.

Dzenita, Kevin and their three children still live in Lelystad, but are eager to live in Ermelo. Secretly they find it a little exciting, but they can’t wait to move into their dream home. Dzneta tells about their renovation plans and why they chose BASkapel.

fishing house We’ve visited wooded Ermelo for years. Together with the children we enjoy the environment and notice that we feel more and more at home in Ermelo. Quiet, space: This place has appealed to us for years.” While cycling, the family also increasingly looked at the houses. Dzenita laughs, “Riding a bike has increasingly turned into a house chase. Suddenly they saw the perfect home – during countless bike trips – continue. Our eyes fell on this semi-detached bungalow from 1974, we said to each other ‘This is it’. We made the decision and bought the house.”

Buying a home is one thing, but renovating it is an entirely different story. There are a lot of things to consider: the ground floor contains the ‘master bedroom’. There are three children’s bedrooms on the first floor, but space was limited by the sloping ceiling. We wanted to do something about it, to make the house “future proof”.

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gain space They contacted BASkapel from Barneveld through others. It turned out to be a logical choice. VELUX BASkapel is the perfect alternative to the traditional window. You might not expect it, but in most cases a BASkapel achieves the same amount of space as a traditional dormer. The tilted position of BASkapel’s VELUX roof windows also means that the light incidence is several times greater. You are making a surprising amount of square metres. This allows BASkapel to upgrade your home. And that’s what appealed to us from the start,” Dzneta continues her tour of the house.

Free license , first contact with BASkapel was nice, explanation was clear. The employee showed the warehouse and took us through many possibilities. An advantage of BASkapel is that in most cases you do not need a permit. Of course, this makes placing the chapel at the front of the house much easier.”

In addition, the hood is made of high-quality VELUX roof windows with at least HR ++ glass. “I also think the look is very unique,” says Dzenita. “The space you get is surprisingly large and the light is so beautiful.”

gravity The amazing addition to the family is now attracting a lot of attention, Dzneta notes: And, yes, this is very funny. We kind of look like a new Ermelose attraction. Although we are still tuning the house and preparing to switch, there is a lot of interest in BASkapel. The neighbors who come to take a look, the cyclists who stop and ask if they can take a look.”

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At the moment, the family is still busy with the final preparations to move to Ermelo. “If all goes well, we expect to be able to move into our house in December. We are all really looking forward to it.”

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