June 21, 2024

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Cuba, the war of artists for and against the regime. And Castro-courier.it will reappear


After street protests, the government closes its ranks. Pianist Suzuki Waltz: People live inhumanely. Generalisimo Raul attacks counter-revolutionaries

Artists Movement of San Isitro They are almost all prisoners and Internet cut Writer Carlos Manuel Alvarez assures us over the phone from Cuba, Mexico. With 27N, his friends who were very active in dissatisfaction will no longer respond on the phone or on social networks. At least they will be One hundred people were arrested Then Sunday demonstrationsIncluding Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, the head of San Isitro in Villa Marista, the headquarters of the political police. Still dramatic, but unconfirmed is the account 14ymedio, Website Influence Vaginal Senses: Are Dead, wounded, detained and disappeared. Others are starting to reappear. Like the priest of Camage Castor Jose Alvarez and playwright Jr. Garga. The internet is dead on the island, but protesters are leaking testimonies abroad, while others keep their social accounts alive: we were attacked, forcibly dragged and thrown onto a cargo truck, Such as garbage bags, Garcia writes, giving voice to the fears of many: We condemn any foreign intervention or the use of military force by any nation, whether it be the United States or Venezuela.

Even the government fears it The situation gets out of hand. It is no coincidence that it is in the palaces of power Generalisimo Raul Castro reappearsAttends Emergency Politburo Summit to Analyze US-Organized, Funded, Planned Provocations by Counter-Revolutionary Elements Granma.
The Specter The best American Satan There is a division between those who support the “revolutionary” government – and from which they derive positions or privileges – and those who support the opposition, in name, on behalf of the people, and to accommodate the art world. . In the latter, one of the most famous Cuban jazz musicians, pianist and composer Sucho Waltz tweeted: The inhumane conditions in which the Cuban people survive. Like him, actor Alberto Pujol and musicians Dame Arocena, Simafunk, Leoni Torres.

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The government responds by stopping the big shots of state intellectuals. Musicians Ray Fernandez and Israel Rose, Sculptor Co., and writer Abel Prieto, the former Minister of Culture and current leader of the Gaza de las America, tweeted: Neither the siege nor the Govit-19 or the worst vandalism plans can defeat the revolution. Many words, when Stores and pharmacies have semi-empty shelves.

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