June 14, 2024

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Danny Fabry once again has a message for his son after a family feud: “Apologize and tell me who I really am” |  showbiz

Danny Fabry once again has a message for his son after a family feud: “Apologize and tell me who I really am” | showbiz

BV“Backhander handler.” This is how Danny Isseldiors recently called his father, Danny Fabry, in Bye All. The Flemish singer received a lot of accusations. Now on MENT TV, Danny Fabry has spoken about the family feud. “Only after apologizing do I want to talk to him.”


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MENT TV, bye everyone

The singer settled on MENT TV and talked about his family’s feud. “You shouldn’t be fighting a family feud in magazines,” he began, “but you should be doing it at home. He can call me. As he writes in the books ‘I’d like to get along with my dad,’ but then the next week, Bam…” Whether he saw it work? I’ll say ‘Apologize for everything you’ve said about me – you can arrange that with the magazines – and tell me how I really am. I speak and otherwise do not.”

Serious allegations

The dispute turned into a game of mud throwing. “It’s time to tell the truth!” , she sounded out loud at “Bye Everyone”. Little Danny, along with his mom and aunt, made some pretty powerful statements about the charming singer. The three accuse him of treating his family badly, for example, mainly his son Danny “He always makes my son bad,” said Julia, Danny Fabry’s ex-wife.

“Do I have to pay for the mistakes I’ve made between the ages of 17 and 23 my entire life?” Danny Jr. added in the weekly magazine. “My dad tells the coffee shop customers that I’m rubbish and that they better stay out of my business. Isn’t that outrageous? I’ve already lost clients to this conniving manipulator.”

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The funeral of his mother, or young Danny’s grandmother, has also been a topic of discussion. According to him, his father said before his trip to Thailand: “If she dies, I won’t come back for it. Then bury her.” something Danny Sr. firmly contradicts. “Mama didn’t die when we were in Thailand, but then. And that I wouldn’t go to the funeral… It was the other way around! Of course I would have jumped on a plane right away.”

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