June 14, 2024

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Deadly and hundreds injured by severe hurricanes in the United States

Deadly and hundreds injured by severe hurricanes in the United States

A hurricane is part of a severe weather system that extends from the southern United States to the Great Lakes region in the north. The National Weather Service has increased the tornado risk for the area.

In Arkansas, two people were killed in Wayne and a third in the state capital, Little Rock, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at a news conference. “About 30 people have been taken to hospitals in the city,” Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott said.

Damage in Arkansas.Image by AP

There were also casualties in the northern part of the country. The roof of a concert hall collapsed in Belvidere, Illinois due to a severe storm. At least one person was killed and 28 concertgoers were injured, US media reported.

According to Fire Chief Shawn Schadle, five people at the concert hall were seriously injured, five were lightly injured and eighteen had moderate injuries. 260 people were in the concert hall for a concert by death metal band Morbid Angel, Revocation and Skeletal Remains.

Belvidere, a city of 25,000 in northwestern Illinois, is about 60 miles from Chicago. At the time of the accident, the wind speed was measured at 145 kilometers per hour.

A tornado has also been reported

Tornadoes were also reported in Tennessee, Wisconsin, Iowa and Mississippi. About 110,000 people are without power in Illinois, 74,000 in Arkansas and 27,000 in Iowa, according to the specialty website PowerOutage.us.

A week earlier, a tornado killed at least 26 people in Mississippi and Alabama.

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