May 30, 2023

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Deals direct competitor Ghent Standard Blow, star role for Hurricane Urban | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 42′ – Yellow – Vadis Odjidja Ofoe
  2. 31′ – goal – gift from Emmanuel Urban (0-1)
  1. 90 + 5′ – Yellow – Norio
  2. 90 + 2′ – Yellow – Joseph Okumu
  3. 85′ – Continue Emmanuel Orban’s gift to Tarik Tsoudali
  4. 85′ – Continue Hong Hyun Suk by Alessio Castro Montes
  5. 84′ – Yellow 2 – Stephen Elzat
  6. 82′ – continues Aaron Dunnum for Stipe Breca
  7. 82′ – Continued Noe Dusen to Jakob Barrett Laursen
  8. 68′ – Yellow – Kostas Laifis
  9. 63′ – Gojko Cimirot continued by Filippo Melegoni
  10. 63′ – Vadis Odjidja Ofoe continues with Nurio
  11. 63′ – Renault Emond is followed by Noah Ohio
  12. 61′ – goal – Hugo Kuipers (1-2)
  13. 56′ – Goal – Stephen Elzat (1-1)
  14. 51′ – Yellow – Stephen Elzat

In the Lion’s Den, Ghent took a decisive step towards European football. Hein Vanhaezebrouck’s team beat direct rival Standard 1-2 on a SmackDown, which was full of bizarre stagings. The royal couple Orban/Cuypers of Ghent provided the scenery and goals at the end.

Standard – Ghent in short:

  • Key moment: In the second half the standard comes out of nowhere at the same level. Five minutes later, Hugo Kuipers put things in order with his 21st league goal.
  • man of the match Gift Emmanuel Orban continues to amaze. The goal thief opened the score beautifully, seeing his goal 0-2 denied and almost having a world goal. What can the Nigerian striker not do?
  • distinct: We are three minutes into the second half when Gift Orban hit the net in the second evening. Oddly enough, Potterberg disagrees with the objective. Nobody knows why.

Urban moment

Gift Urban is a barrel full of surprises. The Nigerian striker signed the moment of the weekend. He even became a target who could compete for the Puskas Award.

Orban surprised friend and foe by kicking him on goal from the kick-off. Boudart was seen, but Rocher was saved by the model. Pictures that will undoubtedly travel around the world.

This was not the only power Orbán summoned from his soles. The striker was sent down the street in the first half by the striker’s brother Kuipers and then calmly finished the game off. Although Standard got off to a good start, the better chances were for Gent.

Cuypers win

After Urban’s famous moment, he was back in the spotlight a few minutes later. The Nigerian made the net conceive for the second time, but Jan Potterberg whistled. There wasn’t much that made it a strange decision from the referee.

Not 0-2 end of the game but 1-1. Alzate curled a free kick past Nardi into the goal so Ghent could start again.

However, Gent dominated the match and again took the lead. Bodart was on the ball earlier than Orban, but he put the ball at Kuyers’ feet. He could no longer miss an empty goal.

The task didn’t get any easier when Alzate picked up his second yellow card of the match. I stayed at 1-2. Ghent are doing more than excellent and now have five more points than Standard in the European qualifiers.

Van Heisbrouck: “The referee’s reaction is fantastic”

  • Hein Van Heisbrouck (Ghent): “It was the referee’s fault on that disallowed goal, but he (ref. Jan Potterberg, ed.) is great at his reaction. He admitted that too. In this regard, he shows he’s a very good referee. We’ve seen him whistle good matches. Now he made an important mistake that could be To turn the game differently. You have to be able to overlook that. Orbán’s try was the goal of the year. He has setbacks, five centimeters and the ball goes straight in. He showed again his great qualities today.”
  • Ronnie Della (standard); “They were more efficient. We didn’t take our chances. It was a very good game with two good teams. I’m very proud of the boys, because they gave everything today. You can’t beat that speed from the start for 90 minutes” We were well organized and gave few chances . But we have to make more of ourselves. It’s not over yet. We have to continue.”
  1. The end, 10:41 p.m. the end. Ghent crosses the line. Criterion came down to the same level via Alzate (who also took a red), but the Cuypers took care of a 1-2 edit for Buffalo. & nbsp; .
  2. Second half, 98th minute, the game is over
  3. Yellow card for Núrio of KAA Gent during the second half, minute 95
  4. Second half, 94th minute. Standard gets another free kick and Bodart moves forward. However, it does not reach the goal. .
  5. Yellow card for Joseph Okumu of KAA Gent during the second half, 92nd minute
  6. Second half, 90th minute. The game isn’t over yet. To Vanheisbrouck’s dismay, we have seven minutes more time. & nbsp; .
  7. Second half, minute 85. Substitution at KAA Gent, Tarik Tissoudali entered, Emmanuel Orban gift out
  8. Second half, min. 85. Substituted at KAA Gent, Alessio Castro-Montes in, Hong Hyun-seok out
  9. Second yellow card for Steven Alzatti of Standard during the second half, 84th minute
  10. Second half, minute 83. Red for oil. Standard must finish the match with ten players. Alzate fouls the Cuypers and receives his second yellow card of the evening. This will make it more difficult for roach. & nbsp; .
  11. Second half, 82nd minute. Substitution at Standard, Stipe Breca in, Aaron Dunum out
  12. Second half, min. 82. Substituted at Standard, Jakob Barrett-Laursen in, Neu Dusen out
  13. Second half, 81st minute. Fatigue begins. Kanak has cramps and has to step down to Perika. Barrett also gets involved. & nbsp; .
  14. Second half, 76th minute. Ghent controlled. . Steve Winants on Radio 1.
  15. Second half, 74th minute. We’re about to enter the closing quarter. Did Standard shake a final attack from the calves? If they want to keep Ghent in their sights in the European qualifiers, Roche must score at least once. & nbsp; .
  16. Second half, 69th minute.
  17. Yellow card for Costas Laives, Standard player during the second half, minute 68
  18. Second half, minute 63. Substitution at Standard, Filippo Meligoni inside, Gojko Semiro outside
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