July 16, 2024

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DEME will build a green hydrogen plant in Egypt

DEME will build a green hydrogen plant in Egypt

The generated green energy will split the water by hydrolysis. This will produce hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen and nitrogen in the air can be converted into ammonia under high pressure and temperature. This ammonia can be stored as a liquid in large tanks, which is more convenient for transportation to our country.

In the first phase, the green hydrogen plant in Qarjoub will produce about 320,000 tons of ammonia. “We have set ourselves the goal of becoming a global player in green hydrogen,” says DEME’s Luc Vandenbulck. Last year, the Belgian company already started a pilot project in Oman. The factory in Egypt is supposed to be ready by 2030.

A few years ago, DEME also announced that it also wanted to build a green hydrogen plant in the port of Ostend. This would be done in cooperation with the port of Ostend and the Flanders partner company. DEME said this project is currently “on hold”.

Green hydrogen is seen as a climate-friendly alternative to fossil fuels and an important source of energy for the future. For example, last month, King Philippe attended the opening of what will be Africa’s first green hydrogen plant in Namibia. It’s a project of Antwerp shipping group CMB.TECH.

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