May 30, 2024

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Ten brave candidates, led by RTL 4 rookie Nasreddin Dashar, board a black bus on an epic journey across Europe.

There is only one important detail; They really have no idea where they are, except that they are on their way to the mystery destination and at the end of each episode, they have to guess where they think they are at that moment. Anyone who is further away from this must leave the bus immediately. Which candidate will eventually find Nasreddin at destination X at the end of the journey?

For a complete sofa experience, viewers at home can also play with the specially developed 'Destination' The new adventure reality show can be watched weekly on RTL 4 starting Friday 10 May at 8pm.

Nasr al-Din Dashar
Known for the Videoland Originals “Mocro Mafia” and “The Life Trail” and as a director for the upcoming film “Mocro Mafia: Taxi”, Nasreddine can be seen in this program for the first time as a presenter at RTL. I think it's really great that I get this opportunity through this amazing program. I've always wanted to do something like this, but of course I also find it very exciting. He says about the program: “Because the viewer does not know what the destination is, you sympathize with him a lot.” Believe me, it is truly an amazing adventure.

About “Destination”.
In “Destination”. They travel in a dark bus to the final location where Nasreddin Dashar is waiting for them: Destination Various hints can be found along the way, but can they be distinguished from deception?

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Graphic designer Anki, trainer and virtual assistant Dannik, sales employee Dirk, nurse Julia, police officer Mark, physiotherapist Andy, textile company owner Mehmet, secretary and artist Marion, IT employee Adela and teacher and brewer Sebastian.