May 30, 2024

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LEVEL-5 postpones the VISION 2024 show until “summer 2024”

LEVEL-5 postpones the VISION 2024 show until “summer 2024”

Last year, LEVEL-5 indicated that they would hold a new LEVEL 5 VISION presentation in April 2024. The Japanese company now indicates that the presentation will be postponed until “summer 2024.”

LEVEL-5's VISION Deals are their own version of Nintendo Directs. The full name of the upcoming edition is “Level 5 of Vision 2024: To the Children of the World”. During the show, Level 5 will reveal, among other things, a new game, possibly in the Yokai Watch series. In addition, five other upcoming games from the company are scheduled to be updated.

Eleven Inazuma

News about Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road can't wait until summer: this game will have its own bonus trailer. A date for this has not been announced yet. The demo for the new Inazuma Eleven game has been downloaded 500,000 times in just a few days.

“Delay” is not an unknown term at Level 5. All of the major games currently in the company's production line have already been delayed (at least) once. No reason was given for postponing this VISION show.

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