April 17, 2024

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Diablo 4 will be released on Xbox Game Pass on March 28

Diablo 4 will be released on Xbox Game Pass on March 28

Microsoft has announced that Activision Blizzard games will be coming to Xbox Game Pass for console and PC, starting with Diablo 4 on March 28.

The company made the announcement during a special podcast discussing Xbox's brand strategy, and its accompanying broadcast Xbox Wire article.

Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard in October last year. Since then, no games from the publisher have appeared on Game Pass, while Microsoft has been largely quick to put games from those companies on the service when purchased from previous companies.

Microsoft announced on the podcast that “Activision Blizzard games are coming to Game Pass,” so more are expected to follow. It has been explained that there are now 34 million Game Pass members.

Diablo 4 was released in June last year. Eric Noselder He got 9: “Diablo 4 improves in many areas, making your choices matter again and giving you characters you can create entirely your own. This is an excellent foundation that will keep Diablo fans busy for years to come.”

During the podcast It has been announced that four games previously only available on Xbox and PC will be coming to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.. It's not yet known what games are included, but The Verge claims to have heard they are Pentiment, Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of ​​Thieves, and Grounded. Microsoft It also said that it will continue to invest in Xbox hardware and that Xbox consoles will remain the only consoles on which Game Pass is available. The company is already working on a roadmap for the next generation of consoles and also has a surprise in store this fall.

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