April 16, 2024

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Diamond diadem and bolognese: Norway's Princess Ingrid celebrates her 18th birthday and Princess Elizabeth is there too

Diamond diadem and bolognese: Norway’s Princess Ingrid celebrates her 18th birthday and Princess Elizabeth is there too

Ingrid Alexandra, daughter of Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit, turned 18 in January and that means age in Norway, but Corona has made a stylish party with foreign guests impossible. With a delay of four months, tonight’s gala dinner was held at the Royal Palace in Oslo with all the trimmings. Only the weather was not good: rain and wind. Those invited did not let it reach their hearts, and they took umbrellas with them.

The birthday boy (center) was born with grandparents, parents, and brothers.

Group photo with the royal guests.  Queen Mathilde (in a light blue dress) stands between Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark and King Philip of Spain.

Property connoisseurs have been eyeing it for a while: for the first time, a new generation of European heirs to the throne have gathered together for a major foreign royal party (the first after Corona). For them an opportunity to share experiences and talk about their common destiny – one day they become queen – as their parents did in the past by meeting each other occasionally every year to every two years.

amalia (18) She made her first official trip as Princess of Orange. Before Elizabeth (20) It wasn’t: she was already dating Queen Mathilde Humanitarian mission to Kenya and lived Funeral of former Grand Duke Jean Luxembourg (The late husband Princess Josephine CharlotteSister of King Albert and Baudouin).

Amalia was accompanied by her parents, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima. Elizabeth was alone with Queen Mathilde. King Philip had something else on his agenda. Today, he visited Belgian soldiers in Romania, which borders Ukraine.

Even kids are welcome with Prince Charles (2)

The crème de la crème of European royalty came to Oslo at the invitation of Harald and Sonia and passed the red carpet. Among other things, the Danish Crown Prince Frederick and his wife Marie, their eldest son Christian (16 years old), stayed at home. The Spanish King Felipe also came without his eldest daughter, Crown Princess Leonor (16), and without Queen Letizia.

Swedish Crown Prince Victoria and Daniel were signed and brought by Princess Estelle (10) and Prince Oscar (6). Also remarkable was the arrival of baby Charles, the two-year-old son of the hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg Guillaume and his Belgian wife Stephanie. The youngest was sitting at a separate table for the children at dinner. Greece was also represented with Crown Prince Pavlos, his wife Marie-Chantal and their children.

Watch – Princes, princesses and crowned presidents gathered for dinner in Oslo:

‘Congratulations’ and polonaise

At the banquet held in the great hall, birthday boy Ingrid came to the appropriate tunes Congratulations to Cliff Richard† King Harald spoke to his granddaughter in Norwegian and with the necessary sense of humor and then gave him a spontaneous hug. “You’ll probably be stuck with me for a while,” Harald said, among other things.

Ingrid also gave a speech that got some smiles and thunderous applause. She became a little emotional when she talked about her siblings and had to take out her handkerchief.

The banquet at Oslo Palace.  (Dinner screenshot) - NK2TV

Norwegian parties often have room for jokes and creativity. For example, on the 80th birthday of Harald and Sonya, their grandchildren were allowed to playfully meet guests during dinner.

What comes after dinner tonight? After dinner, the bolognese is preceded by a ball. Ingrid and her father, Haakon, will open the prom. Usually it’s a dance with the King, but Harald is struggling with his health and is currently using crutches again.

Taj Ingrid and the connection with our Elizabeth

The young heirs debuted with the crown for dinner. Ingrid posed with her for official selfies: Boucheron Crown Pearl Circle. Coronas are usually inherited, including the case of Ingrid. The precious diadem finished with pearls and diamonds belonged to Princess Ingrid, Ingrid’s great-grandmother who she shares with Princess Elizabeth.

Ingeborg girls Marthamother of Norwegian King Harald, and Astrid who later married Leopold III and became queen with us. Or even simpler: King Harald and our King Albert are cousins ​​and their mothers are sisters.

The diadem was spotted at the 1900 Universal Exposition in Paris. Prince Carl of Sweden and Norway wanted the jewel in its own right, as it was lighter than the other crowns his wife Ingeborg had worn. She left it to one of her granddaughters, Princess Ragnhild. Ragnhild died in 2012 wishing the wreath would be delivered to Ingrid.

Image Credit: Det kongelige hoff / kongehuset.no

Amalia, who has been fond of wreaths since childhood and enjoys digging in her mother’s jewelry box, wore wedding wreath with diamonds from Maxima When I became a princess (02-02-2002). This year, Maxima and Willem-Alexander have also been married for 20 years.

So called Strentira It consists of a number of diamond stars owned by oranges and were actually loaned to King Willem Alexander’s aunt, Princess Margaret.

Elizabeth’s wreath will be a new wreath, but that’s not certain. The editors contacted the Belgian court for more information.

The Norwegian government

The dinner party wasn’t the only party tonight. Yesterday the Norwegian government welcomed Ingrid Alexandra already to another dinner. Alongside Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store, glamorously dressed Ingrid appeared with the royal family, including King Harald and Queen Sonya, her parents and siblings Marius, Ambassador Magnus and her aunt. Princess Märtha Louise with fiancé Derek Verrett.

Left to Right: Norwegian Prime Minister, Queen Sonja, King Harald, Prince Sapphire Magnus, Marius Borg Hobbe, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Crown Prince Haakon.

I am fortunate to have grown up in a country where we trust each other

Princess Ingrid at the Norwegian Government Dinner

The dinner was held at the Deichmann Library in Oslo, attended by young people from all over the country and guests from politics, culture, sports and science. Ingrid duly thanked everyone present and emphasized in her speech that she was “lucky to have grown up in a country where they trust each other”. It seemed to be determined that “the trust is collectively made by each of us.”

WATCH – Princess Ingrid already gave a confident speech yesterday where the keynote was:

The Prime Minister spoke of historic times. “I was born as the first heir to the throne in Norway’s history. (…) In turbulent times, the nation has come to know a royal house that moves with the times. It has well understood its role in being united and inclusive,” praised shop Jonas Gahr. According to the Norwegian newspaper VG, the ceremony cost more than 353 thousand euros.