April 15, 2024

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Did James Webb prove that the Big Bang didn't happen?

Did James Webb prove that the Big Bang didn’t happen?

In recent weeks, rumors have been circulating that cosmologists will be “panic” because the first images taken by the James Webb Space Telescope will show that the Big Bang never happened. But are these reports true?

theory the big explosion It states that the universe arose about 13.8 billion years ago from a massive hotspot of almost infinite density. It is not yet known why or how this happened, but the theory, conceived by Belgian priest and physicist Georges Lemaitre in 1931, has stood the test of time well. For nearly a century, the theory has been used to explain a range of phenomena that occur in the universe, with great success.

Most cosmologists agree that theory describes what actually happened. However, not everyone agrees. An article has been published in recent weeks, purporting to have sent the first photos James Webb To show that the theory was wrong. Even the author, Eric Lerner, claims that the images cause “panic” among cosmologists. But by delving deeper into what the researcher says, it soon becomes clear that there is simply no evidence for this. At least according to Don Lincoln, a physicist at Fermilab, America’s largest particle physics lab.

“The Big Bang Didn’t Happen”

made by lerner Claims In an article published on August 11 in Institute of Arts and Ideas (IAI), British philosophical organization. In the article, titled “The Big Bang Never Happened,” the scientist explains why he believes the theory is flawed, claiming that the images captured by James Webb are causing widespread concern among scientists.

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But this is misleading, as Lincoln believes in Extensive article, where he crushed Lerner’s ideas. While it is the duty of scientists to constantly sift through and research to see if a theory is true and to refute it, that does not seem to be the case here. Lerner cites (incorrectly) a number of studies that cosmologists have written in recent weeks.

For example, the title of the article he’s referring to, in which the author is said to be ‘panic’, is just a play on the words ‘panic! at the disco’. Another scholar Lerner is referring to is said to have claimed that she couldn’t sleep because she wondered if ‘all she was’ I did it wrong.” The scientist in question, Alison Kirkpatrick, has repeatedly said that Lerner misused her statement, and that she was not talking about the Big Bang at all.

In other words, Lincoln believes that scientists who panic, according to Lerner, are not at all. But it is no coincidence that Lerner makes these allegations. This isn’t the first time Lerner has claimed that the Big Bang didn’t happen. He even wrote a book about it in 1991, with the same title as the article published in the Aerospace Industries Institute.

In the book, Lerner proposes an alternative theory that the universe exists forever. This is based on the work of Nobel Prize winner in chemistry Ilya PrigoGine, in which he describes how a system can emerge from chaos. However, this contradicts the second law of thermodynamics, which states that a system is in equilibrium only when it reaches its maximum entropy.

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Most cosmologists and physicists have completely settled the book. Lerner is said to have made some critical errors in his interpretations, and his alternative model is also said to be unstable.

With that, Lerner spoke in his article about the culture of censorship. In recent years especially, the scientific community is no longer willing to publish papers on the theory that the Big Bang never happened. He talks about a “crisis” in cosmology and calls the theory a “failure”. Lerner will defend his views during the debate in September It will be held in London.