May 21, 2024

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Top 10 Most Attractive Deals

Every week we list the best offers for you. Do you need anything else? Then take a look at this overview.


Every week we search well-known retailers’ websites for interesting deals. We will always keep you posted on the best tech deals. Have you noticed nice discounts yourself? Let us know at [email protected].

This deal guide was last updated on August 27 with the latest deals. Deals are often choppy, so be quick to take advantage of the discounts. Can you find expired deals in our overview? Please feel free to email us at the above address.

These are the tech deals for this week

€290 off Cowboy 3

The Cowboy 3 is without a doubt one of the most beautiful e-bikes on the market today. The Belgian-made electric bike excels in its elegant design and robust construction. However, the best thing about this bike is its great ride comfort (read all about it Our review). Nice and comfortable bike too? You won’t find much better! You can still enjoy this discount Until August 31, 2022.

Back to school offers at

Back to school season is back again. This means that has all kinds of deals ready for you. Not only for laptops, headphones or school accessories, but also for your (student) home furnishing. Already graduated? Don’t worry, the deals are yours too.

Tenways e-bike for 1.499 w/ Mudguard and kickstand

Deal tip Tenways e-bike CGO600 CGO900

An e-bike for only 1499 euros sounds too good to be true, but it’s possible this summer. The Tenways CGO600 is built for everyday commutes to and from work or to the store. This e-bike is equipped with a rear hub motor, a belt instead of a chain and an automatic clutch. The deal is still valid Until August 31, 2022.

20% off annual subscription 2TB Internxt cloud storage

Internxt is a cloud storage platform that many people forget about. It is a Spanish company with offices in Valencia. Internxt promotes itself as “the world’s most secure cloud storage provider,” which is a bold statement but one that turns out to have something to do with it. If you want to use this secure storage, Internxt now offers you – Until August 31 20% discount on annual subscription.

€20 discount on Linkbuds S from Sony

The Linkbuds S from Sony are so light that they stay in your ears even during long listening sessions. The earphones sound surprisingly good for their price, making them a real competitor to the AirPods. You may not want to exercise with her, but for all other cases, there’s not much to complain about.

Save 18 percent on Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6. In Belgium? Yes, of course. Fnac has been selling the device in Belgium since the beginning. With this device, you get access to the super-fast Google Tensor chipset and all the software you can expect on a Pixel smartphone. As the name suggests, the cameras are surprisingly good. Now you also get a huge discount on Pixel 6 via Fnac.

Google Pixel 6

10% off Click & Grow with personal code

Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 Review

Want to grow basil or other herbs in your kitchen at lightning speed? Then you can’t ignore Click & Grow mini gardens. With the built-in lighting, plants can keep growing day and night, and you’ll have the herbs you need in no time. With the code below, you get 10 percent off all Click & Grow variants!

Complete Office Package for PC and/or Mac for $50

Microsoft Office 2021 is an expensive product, we all know that. For several years, Microsoft has been offering its Office packages in a subscription form. You already have such a subscription from 69 euros per year under the name Office 365 Personal. In principle, the company also wants to get rid of the “Office” name. The goal is to offer a complete package in the foreseeable future, of which Office will be a part.

Don’t want to spend a lot of money on Microsoft Office for Windows or Mac? This week an offer is available via Stacksocial that gives you lifetime access to Office Home & Business, for Mac or Windows, for $50.

35% off Airy Sports TWS

You now get at least 35% off On Airy Sports TWS in the Techpulse online store. With these earbuds, you can play your favorite music in high quality in any setting you like, whether you wake up or during a workout. Offer valid while stocks last, so act fast!

Deal tip: Amazon Prime (+ video) free for 30 days, after which €2.99/month

Amazon Prime Video

Want to watch Coming to America 2 or are there any other movies and series on Prime that you’ve always wanted to watch? You can always try the service for free for 30 days and enjoy the best that Prime has to offer. Please note that you are entering into a subscription. If you do not cancel this, you will be paid €2.99 per month. Of course you will also get other benefits with this Prime subscription, such as free delivery of Amazon products to your doorstep.

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