December 7, 2023

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Die-hard Argentinian fans of Taylor Swift have been camping out for five months to be the headliner

Die-hard Argentinian fans of Taylor Swift have been camping out for five months to be the headliner

Hundreds of fans set up four tents at River Plate Stadium. They have devised a system that also ensures they can live a normal life, without losing their place in line. “We’ve been in this tent for five months,” 21-year-old Swifty told the site. pitchfork. Taylor Swift will perform three concerts in the Argentine capital starting November 9, and fans want nothing more than to be as close to the stage as possible.

The fan prefers to remain anonymous because her father does not know that since June she has been spending her afternoons – between a part-time job and attending classes – at a makeshift mini-camp with fellow fans. “I usually tell my parents that I’m at the park having a drink with someone, or visiting a friend who lives near the playground.”

Swifties have to wait another week before their big idol arrives.Photo by AFP/AFP

during pitchfork A spreadsheet created by two organizers has been leaked, on which an entire rotation system was developed. About sixty fans take turns in each tent. The longer you stay in the tent, the more likely you are to be one of the first in line. Van Carmen says she spent more than three hundred hours in the tents.

The agreement among fans is to spend at least a “night shift” in a tent, plus a commitment of at least sixty hours per month. But also you are only allowed to spend time in the tent when you are free, and no one is obligated to continue participating if that is not possible due to other responsibilities. “The fact that there are so many people makes it easier. We all have different schedules and you fit your schedules in between,” says Irina, 20. Her mother is fine with camping as long as she doesn’t fail her exams.

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When the first tent-carrying fans appeared on local television news, other groups followed suit. After this initial rush of interest, most of these Swifties have stopped giving interviews, and there is a strict no-logging policy for media outlets and influencers who wish to photograph them.


However, the group is receiving some criticism, including from bystanders. “People are very angry because we are camping for a reason,” says Carmen. pitchfork. “Sometimes, at two in the morning, you hear someone shouting: ‘Go to work.’ Then I think: ‘You’re the one screaming outside the tent.’ Don’t you have to work tomorrow?

The Eras Tour began in March of this year and will continue until 2024. In July, Taylor Swift will stop by our northern neighbors in Amsterdam. The round is already very successful, Bloomberg reported last week It is known that Swift can now officially call herself a billionaire. The US media and stock market analysis company recently estimated the singer’s value at $1.1 billion as a result of touring recording and concerts, which is also a success in cinemas around the world.