June 24, 2024

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Digraph: The worrying distance between science and society describes Corona vaccines as a heroic achievement

Digraph: The worrying distance between science and society describes Corona vaccines as a heroic achievement

Minister Djgraf expressed his concern about the “increasing distance between science and society”. In a lecture in Leiden, the Minister for Education, Culture and Science (OCW) said that a part of society is inaccessible for science, even when it comes to life and death. For example, he described it as a “heroic achievement” that corona vaccines were approved as early as November 2020 and “worked better than expected.”

The Minister of Education, Culture and Science believes that the scientists are doing very well and that society has turned against “science” due to misinformation and fake news. Reports NOS system. He puts scientists on a pedestal and pretends that the rest of society has unjustified suspicions, for example against corona vaccines. Actually it is a little more accurate.

Dijkgraaf focuses a lot on the fact that corona vaccines have worked with vulnerable target groups. But most people have not really forgotten that since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, it quickly became clear that the risk of death for not weak It was very low. They also did not forget that it was initially said that corona vaccines are very safe and will provide lifelong protection from the dangerous symptoms of the Corona virus.

As the pandemic progressed, those reports changed. Suddenly, “95 percent protection” is only about 70 percent. Immunity is also suddenly shortened to a year or less† Oh and the virus can still be transmitted from vaccinated people. And although the vaccine seemed to work well for the original virus variant, it was also widely used for the omikron variant, which was barely effective.

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There’s certainly something to be said for the fact that corona vaccines were grouped together so quickly, Dijkgraaf points out, but there was also a very bad idea. Rosy Outline the picture. This, combined with the way in which almost the entire Corona policy has been substantiated by ‘scientific ideas’, has made many people hesitate. It’s not so much about mistrusting “science” or scientists, it’s about the way politicians, “experts” and medicine mislead people.

There is also a justified mistrust of “science” in other areas, such as those wake up nonsense in universities. There is a clear ideological motive behind this, but they pretend it has to do with science. Anyone who does not agree with this sexual nonsense is immediately dismissed as a phobic person.

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Dijkgraaf hopes that scientists will communicate better, but the problem is more with politicians and stakeholders misrepresenting things (like coronavirus vaccines), so that people quickly sense that something is not right. Just take a look at all the antics that RIVM Director Jaap van Diesel has been having since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. It is quite logical that the average citizen has lost all confidence in the government.

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