September 26, 2022

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Discover famous people from your area on this interactive map

Discover famous people from your area on this interactive map

© Toby Zhukanov

Let’s say you’re sitting behind your laptop and don’t feel like doing work or other important things for a while. Then you can now visit a new interactive website created by card designer Topi Tjukanov. Finn created a site where you can find out about the most famous people anywhere on earth.

wafersource: telegraph

Celebrities can be associated with every city or village. You can, of course, search the Internet to find out who these people are, but Toby Zhukanov has built a much nicer tool for that.

An interactive map of Tobi Zhukanov makes it easy to find out who is the most famous person anywhere. You can also see if that person is still alive. Besides the fairly well-known places and the big names that (almost) everyone knows like Barack Obama (born in Honolulu, Hawaii), Cristiano Ronaldo (Funchal, Madeira), and Björk (Reykjavik, Iceland), you can also zoom in pretty small places you might not have You’ve heard of it before.

(Local) celebrities fall into four different categories: culture, leadership, discovery, science, sports, and games. curious? You can use the interactive map over here Consult.

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