December 4, 2022

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Disney+ is smarter than Netflix

Disney+ is smarter than Netflix

The competition between different streaming services will increase exponentially in the coming years. Netflix is ​​still the provider for many movies and series, but Disney+ is now beginning to gain more and more ground.

This is evident from Nielsen’s North American ratings. The party tracks US market numbers, including movies. The latest list covers the period from 7 to 13 March.

Disney + strong presence
The top 10 movies consist entirely of Netflix (6 titles) and Disney+ (4 titles). Primarily an animated movie turns red which premiered on Disney+ on March 11th. on two wings Adam’s Project This movie also appeared on March 11th.

The top three are complete with a lot of streaming incantoThe Disney animated movie has been streaming in a big way since Dec. 24.

So it looks like Disney has been doing a very smart job of releasing Pixar animated films exclusively on Disney+ in the recent period. also incanto It appeared on the streaming service just 30 days later.

Complete the US Top 10
And so we see more recent releases from Disney on the full roster, with the number of millions of minutes played in parentheses from March 7 to 13.

1. turns red (1,701)
2. Adam’s Project (1,360)
3. incanto (783)
4. a partner (341)
5. Partner 2 (316)
6. free man (263)
7. Coming home financially (256)
8. Weekend away (220)
9. Coach Carter (163)
10. West side story (156)

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