December 1, 2022

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Disney launches cheaper version of Disney + with ads: 'This is how we appeal to a wider audience' |  television

Disney launches cheaper version of Disney + with ads: ‘This is how we appeal to a wider audience’ | television

televisionBy the end of this year, the streaming service Disney + will launch an additional, cheaper subscription, which will integrate advertising messages. The entertainment giant sees the new show as the cornerstone of its development. Customers are given the choice: pay a little more and watch without advertising, or watch ads, but at a lower price.

Since launching Disney+ in November 2019, Disney has opted for one ad-free version, a choice that has made major competitor Netflix very happy. Two formats have already been offered across the Hulu (Disney-owned) platform, one with ads and one without ads, and the group’s third live streaming service, ESPN+, has also offered commercials.

“Making Disney+ available to a wider audience at a lower cost benefits everyone – consumers, advertisers and creators,” said Karim Daniel, president of Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution.

The service will be offered in the US from late 2022, with the rest of the world only next year. It is not yet known how much the subscription will cost.

The Disney group had previously set a target of between 230 and 260 million subscribers by 2024. The new service will be a tool to achieve this goal. Ad management for streaming platforms, theme parks, and cruises is included with this.

It now appears that only Netflix is ​​championing a model that excludes ads entirely.

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