April 16, 2024

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Disney + subscribers double in a year – photo and sound – news

The growth is staggering, because stabilization was expected as the global lockdown was lifted. This is, for example, the expected competitor Netflix.

A bit of a strange assumption this. He would have added at least the expectation of Disney (+). So because one competitor expects the number of new members to stabilize, is that supposed to be the same for all services? A little premature and short-sighted if you ask me.

The difference with Netflix and Disney + is mainly in the content offered from the past period. A very good amount of Marvel-related content has also appeared on Disney+ in the past period, an excellent level in itself, while on Netflix, in my opinion, it is “questionable with a weird presence here and there”.

In Netflix the content is basically stamped and there isn’t really a whole, which is the case in Disney (+) now with all Marvel related content, for example, it also makes up more than 1 full. This is not the case with Netflix.

For example, I only found Lupine, Shadow, Bone, and Jupiter’s Legacy too exciting to watch on Netflix. The latter has already been killed off by Netflix, and among the other two, it remains to be seen what the next season brings, as there are only Shadow and Bone at the moment. And other content, generally promoted by Netflix, such as Army of the Dead, I found very motivating to watch (it was transcribed only so I could talk about it during an audio clip I’m participating in).

The fact that Netflix’s member growth is declining for a service like Netflix is ​​mainly due to the same as far as I’m concerned, as Disney(+) has clearly been doing well lately (and the results or expectations, by themselves certainly don’t apply to the other) . So to draw such a conclusion about all the services is very easy, if you are honest.

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