April 14, 2024

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The Netherlands wants to lift all Corona measures on November 1

The Netherlands wants to lift all Corona measures on November 1

November 1 is the target date for the Dutch government to lift all Corona measures. Thus, Corona tickets will no longer be shown anywhere, according to outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Health Minister Hugo de Jonge.

On September 20, the Dutch government actually wants to get rid of the one and a half meter rule. Conditions apply to both target dates: the number of hospitalizations and infection must allow. The government will also look at the vaccination rate and say it will take the advice of the outbreak management team (Jewels of the Netherlands) into account.

“We don’t want to be surprised again in the same way, as at the beginning of summer,” says Ruti. He described the resurgence of the virus after a easing of nightlife as a “decent learning experience”.

The Netherlands will check the borders: what does that mean for you?

Nightclubs and discos will remain closed until November 1. The catering industry must continue to close at midnight until further notice and fixed seating remains mandatory. Events of more than 75 people must operate with Corona tickets. You can get this if you have been fully vaccinated, recently recovered from COVID-19 or tested negative up to 24 hours of age.

Great relaxation does not come immediately. From August 30, more students will be able to receive physical education again. A maximum of 75 people are allowed in the hall, and mouth masks remain mandatory in the corridors.