April 22, 2024

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Do you dare to repair the phone yourself?

Do you dare to repair the phone yourself?

This AW survey comes entirely in the context of our sustainability topic week and Apple’s most unexpected news story about self-repairing your iPhone yourself. We’re curious about your fear of unlocking the phone.

Repair your iPhone by yourself

How does this look? Anyway, Apple will start it and give iPhone 12 and 13 owners from next year an option to To do the repair yourself. To this end, Apple is opening a web store with parts that will later be expanded with parts for Mac computers. According to Apple, these repair jobs are not intended for consumers who are not at hand and refer them to official repair shops. The company that makes smartphone repair easier is Dutch Fairphone. This is what the editor experienced jelly Also because he managed to disassemble and reassemble the Fairphone 4 easily. you read Yesterday’s Fairphone 4 review From the editor jelly, employment Here you will find it How easy is it to fix this phone.

Do you dare to repair the phone yourself?

Now we would like to know from you if repairing the phone yourself is a difficult task for you or not. So it’s time to vote. Also, explain why you voted for a particular option in the comments below this article.

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