February 5, 2023

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iPad Air 5 is cool, but it's not a replacement for the M1 iPad Pro

iPad Air 5 is cool, but it’s not a replacement for the M1 iPad Pro

Apple just announced the iPad Air 5† With an M1 chip in it and an updated USB-C port, the “Pro” never looked like it does now. However, I’m still not convinced that it can replace the M1 iPad Pro, tablet pros say – and here’s why.

First of all, it’s important to say that I think the iPad Air 5 will work great for most people and may affect sales as well. Pro model size 11 inchHowever, if you carefully compare the Air version to the Pro version, you will see that there are some important differences for users who want and need everything.

Let’s start with the screen – the M1 iPad Pro ProMotion offers a refresh rate of 120Hz. If you have an iPhone 13 Pro and a new MacBook Pro, you’ll notice a huge difference if you switch from these devices to an iPad Air with only a 60Hz refresh rate. Not only that, but if you opt for a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a miniLED display, the screen will be brighter, more colorful and, of course, bigger.

For me, the iPad Pro is: All about the 12.9-inch modelAnd when Bloomberg This has been reported Apple tested larger screensI was excited, as it is more suitable for multitasking on a larger screen than the 11-inch version.

The 12.9-inch screen gives professionals more space to draw, write and edit photos and videos. However, if you use the iPad to edit photos, you’ll be disappointed with the iPad Air, which starts with 64GB of storage and the only option left is the 256GB model, meaning you won’t be able to store many larger files at once. On the other hand, the M1 iPad Pro starts at 128GB and can go up to 2TB of storage – indicating a good amount of storage for all users.

iPad Pro also provides customers with more RAM than iPad Air: up to 16 GB of RAM instead of just 6 GB. Since iPadOS 15 removed the 5GB RAM block for apps In the video editing software, iPad Pro users can overwrite their projects.

Last but not least, two things I think are worth noting: 5G mmWave support on the iPad Pro, which brings the true power of 5G to the Apple Tablet, and better cameras. iPad Pro users can also take advantage of a 12MP main sensor, a 10MP wide sensor, and a LiDAR scanner that can help create 3D objects and augmented reality projects.


With that in mind, I think the iPad Air 5 would be great for most users, but there are plenty of reasons why customers would prefer the iPad Pro over any other iPad model. A larger screen with a higher refresh rate, true 5G and more storage options are some of the features that differentiate the iPad Pro from the new M1 iPad Air.

When comparing the M1 iPad Air and the M1 iPad Pro, which would you choose and why? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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