June 24, 2024

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“Do you really find my life interesting enough for a stage show?”

“Do you really find my life interesting enough for a stage show?”

“Hello dear, am I interrupting?”

“Oh Mateki, ni will! I ‘zjust Put our youngest in her bed. What are you asking for? you have You don’t need me again on one of your shows, do you? I feel It’s right on my little toe.”

“Mom, come on! Like I’m not just you Necker can be contacted at listen to it How do My Father with you!”

“Come on dear, we saw each other last week at Girth Wine tasting? And the week before that, we were still together Necker Going to play tennis? Then Victor and Marie dried us off. What is Niemeyer? “

“Yeah, sorry sweetie, it’s been a bit busy. Alright, call this sowing you are really. I will make a new program. About musicals. And you should be my first guest.”

“What did you come up with now?”

“Wait wait! Just listen to me. So the intent is for each episode to have a different guest. However, we’re highlighting that guest’s life based on musical numbers. But really professional, huh! With real musical actors!” wa peisde? “

So another decoction from the American TV show this is your Lifeyou mean? And as before in the lead With Miss Bowman. or The most beautiful moment on VTM. or not, like the silent years With Stephen Van Herwig? ”

“Oh, baby, didn’t I know you’ve seen so many young children in your life?”

“Ksen ekik no More than the smallest, my mate. Mor ge wèt: ksen Still the wildest hopes, eh! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! ”

“It reminds me of this: I still have to make an appointment for bleaching and tanning. Which I can SHININ on TV. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! ”

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“Ah, what exactly are you going to lay eggs on?”

“Sig, it’s none of your business, dear. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!”

“Good, but that’s not the intention dick sing to yourself? ”

“No, baby, that’s what singer-songwriters do. But don’t worry: it shouldn’t be too bright SHININHey. After all, you are the star of the show.”

“Come on, then everything is fine. But don’t people go there?” Little We think the same, if you’re sitting in your armchair complaining while we call each other sweethearts and such? And by the way, do you really think dick I have lived such an exciting life g’er Can you make him a musical? ”

“Mom, come on baby. Anyway, more cool than our viewers. Ha-ha-ha-ha!”

“Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Come on, as long as you don’t act familiar during the recordings, eh. People shouldn’t know what we’ve seen others do in the past. Say, which guests are coming?”

“Yes, this is not difficult. Bee smartest person They’re starting to walk all the cool BVs again, so we have to deal with the excess. Anyway, De Niels is involved. By the way, I had to say hello to you.”

“Ah tof. Wht wa? Just send it to the email and I will check it out. But I have to leave you now, for I have to go to Bikram.”

“Okay, baby. To hold a will z’u Still contact. It’s going to be awesome, I really feel it! Come, greetings to your son.”

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