March 28, 2023

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Do you want to park the car in the garage the day before? Better not

Anyone who has ever ripped a slice of white bread in a restaurant by spreading herb butter that has to be very cold knows that the fat is much harder when it’s cold. Or in the case of motor oil: less fluidity. This is why it is sometimes best not to put your car in the garage for service the day before.

Prefer to change the oil with a warm one engine oil. When the oil gets warm, it flows better and you have the best chance of draining most of the old oil before the new one goes in. Not all garages will take the time to warm up your vehicle to the optimum temperature. And if you leave your car in the garage the day before, you can be sure that the engine is cold.

Other garages will run your car to heat things up, but you may not feel comfortable with that at all. In this case, you may have to ask yourself why you brought your car there. If you don’t trust the mechanic with your car, find another garage. Cheap is often very expensive when it comes to things like this.

Some garages drive you in anyway

There are also garages that do test drives at every turn, prior to service. Think of the official garages of the most expensive car brands. With these brands, you also have the opportunity to have the car picked up for you. If you are going to start changing the oil yourself, it is best to do it with a warm engine.

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By the way, you might be wondering how bad a little bit of old oil can stay in your engine if you change things regularly. If the oil is so old and contaminated that not a drop should remain, you may need to service it more often. Some things, like spark plugs, are better to change cold. So at the end of the turn.