December 1, 2023

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Does a daylight help treat winter depression?

Does a daylight help treat winter depression?

The days are shorter, sunshine is scarce, and rain and wind blow all around us. From autumn onwards you can suffer from so-called winter depression. Changes in light exposure are a possible cause of winter depression. Does this make daylight bulb the ultimate solution?

What is winter depression?

according to Winter depression may be related to changes in the amount of light. In winter, the hours of sunshine are less than in summer. Sunlight inhibits melatonin production, so in winter more melatonin flows through the body. And you can notice this. Melatonin affects your day-night rhythm, your sleep, and your mood. Why is one person affected by this switch more than another? In some people, the body adapts less to the lack of light. According to a neurologist and sleep specialist Jerrold Simmons Some people are more sensitive to melatonin. As a result, you may start to feel depressed and tired. Winter depression can also be identified by poor sleep rhythm – sleeping too much or too little.

This is how a daylight bulb works

In many cases, winter depression can be treated with light therapy. With this treatment, your body is exposed to the light of a special lamp for about 10 minutes for several days or weeks. You sit by the lamplight, without looking directly at the lamplight itself. The lamp is bright, but not as bright as sunlight. In addition, the light from this lamp contains no UV light. Lamp light, such as sunlight, inhibits melatonin production.

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Goodbye winter depression?

Light therapy does not work equally well for everyone. Each person has a different sensitivity to melatonin, so light therapy may have more or less effect on one person than it does on another. Also good to know: Light therapy is not suitable for everyone. For example, phototherapy is less appropriate when using antibiotics, eye conditions, or depression during manic periods. Therefore, consult your doctor whether light therapy can help your condition and let your doctor or psychologist tell you how long you can use light therapy to get the desired result.

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