July 22, 2024

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There is now a direct Bluetooth connection to the room

There is now a direct Bluetooth connection to the room

The more humanity wants to do in space, the more we will take with us from Earth to the great void around our planet. For example, a 4G network is already being worked on on the Moon and there is now Bluetooth connectivity in space. It comes from the Hubble Network, which uses regular Bluetooth chips that are also used in everyday devices to make this happen.

On March 4, two satellites were installed in orbit via a SpaceX launch. They are satellites from the Hubble Network in Seattle. This week we were able to connect to these satellites via Bluetooth. Many people know Bluetooth primarily as a connection that typically does not extend beyond 30 metres. For example, think about a time when your earbuds and your phone stay in one place while you’re walking away). Obviously it depends on the circumstances (and on the type of Bluetooth), but it is almost impossible to imagine that a satellite in Earth orbit would successfully make the trip to Earth.

Bluetooth connection to space

However, this is the case: the Bluetooth connection between space and Earth is 600 km. No Bluetooth chipsets made specifically for space use are used for this purpose: they are simply 3.5mm Bluetooth chipsets. They have received a software upgrade to communicate over long distances using low power. In addition, the satellite is equipped with an antenna that acts as a kind of magnifying glass and can therefore receive these signals.

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However, the goal is not to enable communication in space. The primary goal is to ensure that a cost- and battery-efficient global network can be created. This can be very useful for rural areas or defence, for example. Hubble It wants to launch more satellites, namely two more this year.

Hubble Network

However, more will need to be added in 2025 and 2026, a total of 32, to improve the network. Soon, Bluetooth communication can be made using the Hubble satellite eight times a day. The idea is that, for example, farmland data could be sent for analysis or a better way could be created to record falls in older people to inform their loved ones. About five billion Bluetooth devices are sold every year, so, according to this company, this network is a very good idea.

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