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Donating car rent from work?  This is what different generations of employees prefer  MyGuide

Donating car rent from work? This is what different generations of employees prefer MyGuide

JubatThe car from work remains an important motivation for many employees. Although studies on its importance are somewhat contradictory. To say the least, there really is a difference between the younger and older generations, just as there is a difference between a salary car and a company car. grow deeper.

Written by Thomas Russell in association with Gobat

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Salary car or company car?

A payroll car or payroll car is a car provided by an employer to an employee. The car is part of his salary, often supplemented with a fuel card. The employee may also use the vehicle privately, but pays a monthly amount that is deducted from the salary.

On the other hand, a company vehicle is registered in the name of the company and is only used for employment purposes. This concerns, for example, vans, the representative’s car, or the car of a freelance accountant who uses the car to get from one client to another.

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Enthusiasm varies

At least part of the younger generation of employees and applicants is still interested in a salaried car. The degree of this enthusiasm varies greatly in each study (and who exactly was questioned).

For example, popularity among younger employees appears to be very high in the company’s 2022 Vehicle Report for mobility platform Mobia, which surveyed 248 Belgian company fleet managers. Almost seven in ten fleet and mobility managers surveyed indicated that young and advanced employees are “interested” in the company car. And only 11 percent said there was “no longer any interest” among the new generations.

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A large-scale study conducted by the youth organization De Ambrassade and VDAB from 2021, among a thousand young people working and looking for work, created a different picture. Turns out, the most important criteria for applying for an employer as a young man was job content, location, and a good net salary. Only 7 percent said they were drawn to extras like meal vouchers, hospital insurance, or… a work car.

So the question is whether young people just want to put the equivalent of wages into a contracted car. In any case, actual salary appears to be the most important wage factor for all employees, young and old.

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mobility budget

Moreover, many studies show that younger employees are in any case more flexible in terms of mobility solutions than their older colleagues. For example, the younger generation is more earned by the so-called commute budget, with which you can determine how your commute is perceived and what trips are paid for. Older employees regard the salary car more as a status symbol than their younger colleagues.

The 2022 Company Car Report also shows that companies are increasingly directing their employees towards electrified cars. For example, it offers less freedom of choice in terms of drive shape. Nearly three out of four companies in the survey already have charging stations in use and more than half have already invested in a charging station at their employees’ homes.

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Employees who still drive around in a fossil-fueled company vehicle generally get a fuel card. Such a no-limit card—which hands over a portion of your paycheck just like a car—has been a serious asset to employees, especially in recent months, as fuel prices have soared.

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