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Don’t Miss Support Measures: Overview of (sometimes urgent) deadlines for gas, electricity, fuel oil and pellets |  MyGuide

Don’t Miss Support Measures: Overview of (sometimes urgent) deadlines for gas, electricity, fuel oil and pellets | MyGuide

Mine energyEnergy support measures include the premiums that most families are entitled to. For example, the so-called Basic Energy Package II applies to the months of January, February and March. Because many families still have not received anything, despite the promise that this will happen by April 1 at the latest Mijnenergie.be His light is on. Previous support actions are also discussed below, though you’ll have to be quick with that.

By Kurt DiMahn, in association with Mijnenergie

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What does the second basic power pack include?

The federal government gives the second Basic Package to every household with an existing contract for electricity and/or gas on December 31, 2022 or to households with a collective gas facility on that date.

The premium applies to all variable contracts. If you had a permanent contract at the turn of the year, you will only receive the installments if you have entered into or renewed that contract after September 30, 2021.

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How much for this second base package?

The second basic electricity package is 61 euros per month. This means a total of 183 euros for the months of January, February and March. For natural gas, the federal government offers a premium of 135 euros per month or a total of 405 euros.

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When will this package be paid?

Your energy supplier settles the full amount of the second basic package in one step via prepaid bill or settlement bill, or credits it to your account. The phrase “Federal Basic Package Electricity 2023” or “Federal Basic Package Gas 2023” is always included.

Hasn’t this happened yet? Then today, April 18th, is the absolute deadline for your energy provider to make it happen. “At least, if your bill is less than the premium,” says Lien Meurisse, spokesperson for FPS Economy.

Will you soon be making money from your energy suppliers? According to this proposal, they will have to pay interest in the case of structurally high advances.

What if you don’t receive anything by April 18th?

It is possible that your premium will not be paid automatically, for example because your energy contract is under a different name. “In this case, you can apply to FPS Economy from April 23 to July 31,” says Meurisse.

What if I recently changed the power supply?

You will receive a premium from the company that was your energy supplier on December 31, 2022, even if you change energy supplier or move in the meantime.

What about previous support measures?

He. She Basic Package 1 Awarded to households who had an existing gas and/or electric contract on September 30, 2022 or had a gas collective facility at that time.

This package is 61 euros per month for electricity and 135 euros for gas. In total, this results in a discount of up to €392 for gas and electricity combined for the months of November and December.

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If the first basic package is not automatically awarded, it can be applied for from January 23rd. Since then, FPS Economy has received more than 221,000 requests. This is possible until April 30th.

This deadline also applies to Heating oil check and the Premium pellet. FPS Economy has already received over 932,000 fuel oil check requests; Over 47,000 applications for premium granules.

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