April 21, 2024

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Dries and Sascha's date is tough, but Stef and Tine click instantly in 'Cupido Ofzo' |  TV

Dries and Sascha’s date is tough, but Stef and Tine click instantly in ‘Cupido Ofzo’ | TV

TVRuth Beckmans (39) and Frances Lefbaur (33) take Cupid’s arrows once again in their hands. For the new season of “Cupido Ofzo” they once again introduced several singles with a disability or disorder into the dating world, and it immediately led to a lot of touching scenes. This was the most memorable moment of the first episode.

Jill picks up 29-year-old Frances Steve at home for his blind date. Steve has a physical disability and is an independent IT professional, but he’s “not the stereotypical nerd that people know of”. In their search for his perfect date, Frances and Ruth bump into 24-year-old Tyne from Antwerp, who also has a physical disability. It sounds like “I hope someone can challenge me”. “Someone on the slightly geek side, I like that.” And even if it rains on their first date, a little water won’t stop Cupid. Not even during a romantic boat trip on the water…

Dries from Zottegem, 22, has autism and is a superhero fanatic. When it comes to love, it usually ends up being called “friend zone“I might be too frank. At school, she addressed a beautiful girl with the opening sentence: “Are your parents an artist, because you are a masterpiece.” One self-invented streak may have been more successful with 22-year-old Sasha from Campenhaut, who also has autism.

Ruth arranges a date that brings together two worlds: they have to get creative to make a true superhero movie poster. The perfect place to get to know each other a little better, even though love at first sight wasn’t really anywhere. Their date had a rough start, until Driss acted like a gentleman and asked as many questions as possible to break the ice…

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Klass, a 21-year-old with autism, was the easiest to call a girl at his school. Thanks to the help of his friends and the old-school notes of “Request” he regularly had a girlfriend. But now he lives alone, joining Ruth and Francis to find the love of his life. “Because in the evenings when I’m sitting on the sofa, I sometimes feel lonely. The ideal relationship is someone with whom I can do fun things. Being together, but also someone who gives me space.” And that person could be 24-year-old Eileen from Icrin: “I wish Cupid would hit the target point!”

“Cupido Ofzo,” Wednesdays at 9.45pm on VTM and via VTM GO

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