February 27, 2024

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Dries Mertens paints a bleak picture: “They're going bankrupt” – Offside

Dries Mertens paints a bleak picture: “They're going bankrupt” – Offside

Dries Mertens has reached the twilight of his career, although he still excels regularly at Galatasaray. However, our compatriot is increasingly concerned about “what happens next” and has come out with some great statements.

Second championship in a row?

Galatasaray currently ranks second in the Turkish Premier League, and tonight the Mertens team has a match against Gaziantep. If it wins, the first club will once again be able to join rivals Fenerbahce.

He took off last season Aslanlar title for the first time in a long time thanks in part to Dries Mertens. Our compatriot came from Naples and had a big share in the tournament, scoring many goals and assists.

“Six out of ten men simply go bankrupt.”

Mertens is also a busy person off the field, as can be seen on the program Over de Grens, currently running on VTM. In it, Sergio Hermann goes on a culinary adventure with a group of BVs.

Guests of top chefs usually allow them to look deep into their souls, and Mertens did the same, including in his farewell. “I'm actually looking forward to it. Right now, this is the last stop for me. After that I want to become a good family man.”

Although the latter is not Driss's only interest. “You know, at the moment there are still six out of ten footballers going bankrupt. We made a lot of money early on and that is something that still keeps me busy. I really want to start something where I can help these young players invest well.” At an early stage. Now this usually only happens at the age of 25-26, but it's too late.” Watch the entire clip below:

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