June 10, 2023

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Reggie on fiancee Kristel: “She has a busy job and is alone with a daughter. This is so heavy” | BV

BVIt turns out that Reggie isn’t the only person in his relationship who’s professionally oriented. In an interview on Radio 2, presenter Robin van Gucht asks how he and Christelle handle their children’s school work (Reggie has two daughters, Ellie Martha and Renée, and Christelle has one daughter from their previous relationships, ed.). Reggie immediately admits that it is very difficult as a working parent, as well as for his fiancée, Kristel, who juggles motherhood with a busy career.

“She has a busy job and is alone with her daughter. It’s heavy. Helping with homework isn’t easy,” says Reggie. Kristel works in the medical sector. “Sometimes he’s not home until half past six, and he’s already at work from eight in the morning. Helping with homework, making dinner…just do it”. He himself also struggles to make time for his daughters’ homework, but still finds it very important: “Not my strong point, but it helps to get busy with it yourself.”

Reggie and Kristel have been engaged since April. Barely months into their relationship, Reggie popped the big question in South Africa. The DJ organized a romantic picnic on the beach, where he also had a house, with all the trimmings: flowers, champagne… “I noticed I was nervous. I’ve never been so nervous.” He did not hesitate for a second about this lightning clash. “We haven’t been together for so long. If everything’s so good, why wait?” And the wedding wouldn’t be long if it were up to Reggie. “Knowing that it will be a big party and I can tell that we won’t have to wait long for the wedding. It won’t take two years to send out these invitations.”

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