June 5, 2023

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Drunk driver swaps places with dog to get out of detention | outside

A Colorado motorist who was pulled over for speeding by police made a very hilarious attempt to avoid arrest. He put his dog behind the wheel and sat in the passenger seat himself.

The officer who directed the man to the side of the road Saturday night in Springfield, a city of about 1,300, watched from a distance as the man shifted with great difficulty and then got off the passenger side. Police wrote in a Facebook message that the man, who the officer said clearly showed signs of intoxication, then said he was not behind the wheel.

When the man was asked how much alcohol he had consumed that day, he ran away. He did not go more than 20 meters away, and then the agent caught him.

After being examined at the hospital, the driver was arrested on suspicion of multiple charges, including driving under the influence, speeding and fleeing from police. He also had two previous convictions to his name.

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