July 23, 2024

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Drying laundry with minimal energy?  This is how you do it (without your laundry smelling rotten) |  my guide

Drying laundry with minimal energy? This is how you do it (without your laundry smelling rotten) | my guide

can be home Great cleaning to use. That’s why cleaning expert Marja Middeldorp helps with everyday problems. This week: How do you economically dry your laundry?

“Of course everyone saves. Now we suddenly think about things we never thought of before. Are we okay?” “Is it really useful?” “I’ve always loved saving money, it’s a hobby for me,” says cleaning expert Marja Middeldorp.

Laundry is an essential part of the home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save on it. Take dry laundry. “Of course, without a doubt, it is better to hang the laundry outside. But this is not always possible,” says Marja. Especially now that autumn is approaching. Running a dryer costs energy. Hanging your clothes on a drying rack in a cool room is also undesirable, because the laundry does not always dry properly and the smell of clothes can begin to rot. Then turn on the heating? Not very good for your energy bill.


Set the dryer on the highest setting for a few minutes and then hang the laundry. It will dry faster on a drying rack.

Marga Middeldorp

House mites and fungi

Marja has tips for these problems. “Do you have a dryer and want to save money? What I always do: I throw the laundry in the dryer and then put it on the highest setting for a few minutes. When you remove the wax, it’s so hot, the steam hits you. This ensures that if the laundry is hung on the rack, it dries nicely.” faster “. Marja recommends that if you use the dryer the “normal” way, set it to the “eco” setting.

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Do not put the laundry rack in the living room or bedroom. Marja knows that “house moths and molds love damp spaces.” If you have a laundry room where the shelf is, make sure you have a good extraction. Then use the guest room or bathroom. Find a room you’re not in and open a window if you have one.” If it rains, just turn on the radiator in the room in question.

enough distance

Don’t hang your clothes too close together on the rack, but make sure there is some space between them. “Not that you can walk through it, but you know what I mean. If you hang laundry too close together, it won’t dry properly and it will smell bad.” Throw a little household vinegar into the laundry anyway, to prevent bad odor, advises the former face of the TV show “How Clean Is Your House?” in.

It’s also wise to run the laundry on this rack every now and then. Especially bedding or jeans, as corners or pockets are hard to dry. “What I do with jeans, for example, is still dry them in the dryer. Quick dry to give them the last warmth. Then they dry instantly and can be smoothed out nicely. That’s better for your clothes: the less iron you have, the better.” Another tip: Marja uses the water from the condenser dryer again for the iron. “It has almost been descaled. That way, no limescale gets into your iron and you can save water again, win!”

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Have you ever seen a hotel where there are no white towels? There is a good reason for that.

Marga Middeldorp

The home expert shares one last tip: “Have you ever seen a hotel without white towels? Specifically. White cotton dries you faster, but it also dries faster. Colored towels in a bathroom have been dyed or have a coat of paint. It takes longer for it to dry and it dries less quickly. By using white towels, you can also see if they are soiled more quickly.”

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