May 26, 2024

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Dual Withdrawal, Products to Avoid – Libero Codidiano

Two volumes of gourd bread were recalled due to limited mercury. However, at the time of the report by SocCross, a group operating on a large-scale wholesale distribution, both locations had already expired for several days. One of the products in question, an ice sword with 423534 and expiration 09/07/2021 under the Alfrisa brand, was made in Barcelona, ​​Spain and sold to cash fishermen from 1 to 9 July.

Another is a swordfish loaf, distributed by Kie Murray SRL with 2118/023 and expiration 09/07/2021, on sale at Cash Bologna from 2 to 9 July. Another product that has been recalled recently A batch of organic sesame seeds Under the Sarchio brand “Ethylene Oxide Balance”. The affected product is sold in 180 gram bags with the number 204431.

Ministry of Health, recalled a block Indo-Pacific shrimp tails peeled and frozen separately This is because, according to the announcement, the product will be “renamed by redefining the expiration date after the original one”. Relevant shrimp tails are distributed in 10 kg packs, of which 20 g 500 g, lot number 062 and expiration date 04/05/2022.

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