June 24, 2024

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Dungeon Alchemist Review – It’s Games

Dungeon Alchemist Review – It’s Games

Dungeon Alchemist came out recently and it offers you a handy tool with which you can design your own Fantasy game. In the game you imagine yourself a real Dungeon Master where you can build your own Dungeons & Dragons style maps. Dungeon Alchemist offers you the opportunity to create a great map in a short time when you can do a lot. We recently reviewed the game/tool ​​and you can read our verdict below!

In Dungeon Alchemist, you have the perfect tools to build a beautiful dungeon. You can start building a nice deck with different drop down menus. When choosing a surface, you can choose from grass, jungle, desert, jungle, wasteland, or just a black surface. There are more skins to think about, but unfortunately they haven’t been added to the game yet. Think of snow or water.

After you choose your deck in Dungeon Alchemist, you can start building which is as easy as choosing a deck. You can choose from different themes indicated in the Themes tab. Once you choose a specific area, you can build whatever you want in the selected area. Then the AI ​​does the rest and builds it nicely for you. Unfortunately, now the number of creations that the game offers you is rather small.

What the game does well is the customization options for your buildings. These come in great numbers. With two clicks you are already building another room. For the rest, there are many things that you can put in your dungeon. You can place any object the way you want. You can choose to adjust the rotation, color and size of your object.

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Unfortunately, you can’t actually play your maps in the game. The game is really meant to be a tool for designing your own dungeons. You can put characters in your dungeon who will then wander around for a bit, but it doesn’t really play. It can be said that Briganti BV has brought a handy tool to the market.

You can import your dungeons into a number of programs with which you can work with your dungeons. You can upload it to Roll20 and play it from there.


Are you ready to use a tool to create your own dungeons and use them in other programs in which you, as the Dungeon Master, have created something beautiful, then Dungeon Alchemist is for you. The game provides you with a powerful and nifty tool that makes dungeon building as easy as tying shoelaces for you.