December 6, 2022

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Dutch programmer not extradited to US in mega-upload case  Now

Dutch programmer not extradited to US in mega-upload case Now

Bram van der Golk, a suspect in a case involving raw material service Megaupload, will not be extradited to the United States. As a part of Solution He will be charged in New Zealand, where he resides with New Zealand and US officials.

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has been suing for years over his right-hand man Mathias Ortmann and chief programmer Van der Kolk. They are suspected in the United States of patent infringement and money laundering.

In 2012, Megaupload was taken offline at the behest of the FBI. The U.S. film industry is said to have lost nearly மில்லியன் 500 million as illegal copies of films were distributed through the service. All three now live in New Zealand, where they are challenging deportation.

Now, ten years later, Van der Golk and Artman have signed a contract with the authorities there. “New Zealand is our home now, and we want to be right here,” they wrote in a joint statement. “The uncertainty surrounding the approval case has taken its toll, and we want to move forward.”

The suspects have been charged in New Zealand with similar offenses and are being prosecuted in the United States. The United States will withdraw its extradition proceedings against the men once the New Zealand courts hear the allegations. It is not known exactly when that will happen.

The founder of Megaupload insists he is innocent

Kim did not make a deal with Dotcom officials, but responded to it Twitter“Congratulations to my former friends and associates for finding a solution to this issue,” he wrote. “They can avoid the terrible American justice system. I’m glad for them, congratulations to them.”

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Dotcom now claims to be the last man left “in this fight.” “I will continue to fight because, unlike my co-offenders, I will not accept the injustice inflicted on us.