May 28, 2024

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'Dutch staff imprisoned Zaanstad on death list former leader of Hell's Angels' |  Abroad

‘Dutch staff imprisoned Zaanstad on death list former leader of Hell’s Angels’ | Abroad

At the Zaanstad judicial complex in the Netherlands, a death list appeared with the names of the prison staff. that reports RTL News. The list could have been found in the cell of the former Hells Angels leader Lysander DR, who was then transferred to another prison.

R was taken out of his cell about two weeks ago after that telegraph He had stated that the convicted leader of the Harlem Hills Angels would lead the Reign of Terror in prison. He was intimidating the staff and his fellow prisoners. Now according to RTL News That justice binds him to keeping a list of prison staff who must be eliminated.

The DJI Service and the Noord-Holland Police Service do not wish to respond to questions from RTL News About the death list.

‘Not right’

Remko Kent, Lysander DR’s lawyer, reacts strongly to the reports and is considering legal action against him RTL News To report false information about his client, he writes NH News. Kent: “I just spoke with Lysander and it’s not true. I’ll talk to him at length tomorrow, but those sources RTL News not knocking. “

DR was sentenced to nine years in prison for extortion, threats, assault, possession of weapons and arson. After his conviction, he started a new motorcycle club, MC Hardliners, which he would run from prison.

phone dropped

Being in the airspace of the Zanstadt Judicial Complex Some SIM cards and iPhones found 2 weeks ago. Presumably they were delivered by drone. There were indications that De R. and some other top criminals would have cell phones at their disposal.

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