May 26, 2024

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DXC Technology and Lenovo Collaborate with Dr.  Peter Scott Morgan

DXC Technology and Lenovo Collaborate with Dr. Peter Scott Morgan

Doctor. Peter Scott Morgan, a visionary roboticist and human cyborg, was diagnosed with ALS and used that diagnosis to focus ALS research. Although his life expectancy at diagnosis was two years, he has already doubled the time and hopes to live to be at least 80 years old. He insists that the lessons learned should help anyone with severe disabilities, even if they are simply caused by “age”.


DXC Technology en Lenovo They announced their partnership with Dr. Peter Scott Morgan and his charity to develop advanced technology solutions that help people with disabilities, chronic diseases or other physical disabilities function in everyday life. It integrates the latest hardware, software, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Exploring the limits of technology

Scott-Morgan, explores the limits of technology to extend and enrich lives. He was diagnosed with motor neuron disease (MND) – also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) – in 2017. With a firm belief in the limitless possibilities of technology, Scott Morgan began looking for ways to reverse the typical progression of the disease when the first symptoms began to appear in Scott Morgan . Scott Morgan’s vision is:To provide security for the weak, strength for the weak, and development for the ambitious.

The foundation of our partnership is the belief in the untapped potential of technology to make your dreams come true – no matter who you are, no matter your background, no matter your circumstances, no matter what your ambitions are.Scott Morgan says: Doctors initially told him he only had two years to live. And now Scott Morgan has his catchphrase:We bring hope with artificial intelligence and robotics.

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Key Initiatives

DXC and Lenovo, together with a team of volunteers and leading technicians, provide hardware, software support, integration, and AI expertise. The main initiatives are:

  • development of self-driving wheelchairs for the home and elsewhere;
  • Preserve the character with the avatar displayed quickly and in photo-realistic detail;
  • Use of Augmented Reality (AR) as a user interface controlled only by eye movements;
  • Accelerate the creation of digital sounds that convey emotions well; And
  • Applying smart technology around the home to improve everyone’s life Population improvement.

In addition to developing custom solutions, Lenovo has donated computers to the Scott-Morgan home office. “It is our responsibility to make powerful technology as accessible as possible and open up new possibilitiessaid Calvin Crosslin, Chief Diversity Officer at Lenovo and General Manager of the Lenovo Foundation.This is exactly why we are rallying behind the idea of ​​smarter technology of all and I, Dr. Scott Morgan is grateful for his invitation to collaborate and share his extraordinary vision.

DXC acts as a technology integrator. DXC leverages the capabilities of the Enterprise Technology Stack and brings technical knowledge and expertise to ensure the seamless and secure integration of infrastructure, applications, analytics, and technology solutions.

Peter is a great source of inspirationsaid Steve Turbie, DXC’s general manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa. The DXC team provides advice and support to define requirements, target architecture, and technology roadmap. More specifically, it offers functionality for eye tracking, virtual keyboards, speech performance, and avatars. With his foundation, Peter has a relentless passion for challenging us in our thinking about using technology to improve people’s lives and society at large. ”

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Dr. Peter Scott Morgan

Dr. Peter Scott Morgan: “I’ve been doing lifelong research to rewrite my future – an exceptional windfall! But most importantly, we now have an opportunity to rewrite the futures of millions of people – ultimately billions of people – by applying lessons learned to provide the vulnerable with security, the vulnerable, and ambitious development. I wanted a way to get rid of my suddenly unfit body, to overcome a devastating diagnosis and to redefine what “cure disease” could mean. But we can help anyone who feels less privileged. They can rise like a phoenix! Thanks to the exceptional support from my husband Francis, countless friendly and wonderful staff and technology pioneers like DXC and Lenovo, I find the once bleak future very bright.

Scott Morgan and Lenovo Meet

Scott Morgan joined Lenovo at the Tech World 2021 event on September 8 to speak with Thorsten Stremlau, director of strategic business consulting at Lenovo, about the shared goals of bringing smarter technology to everyone.

I am honored to work with Peter. He is a very wonderful scientist and an inspiring mansaid Stremo, who heads Lenovo operations.We place great emphasis on increasing accessibility and versatility at Lenovo, and this is an exceptional opportunity to ensure our innovation makes a real difference – to Peter, and I hope, many others.. ”