December 4, 2022

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EA and the Benchmark need Speed ​​Unbound customization options - these are the games

EA and the Benchmark need Speed ​​Unbound customization options – these are the games

Today Electronic Arts and Criterion has new videos from Need for Speed™ Unbound chest. The videos show all the different ways players can add their own flair to the car. This allows players to rip through the streets of Lakeshore City in style. in Need for Speed ​​Unbound Players have more than 10,000 tuning options for their car, including new covers, cutouts, rims, and more. Discover new forms of self-expression with eye-catching driving effects, custom sound samples and distinctive graffiti tags. The latter explodes off the wagon with stylized graphics and sounds, as players burn and rip streets as they drift.

See below for a step-by-step breakdown of all the ways players get into their cars Need for Speed ​​Unbound You are able to set:

  • Legendary Habits – The most extreme form of tuning seen in need for speed. Legendary Habits are body kits that transform a vehicle’s appearance into a unique custom in order to stand out as possible.
  • Show new rims – Tune every inch of the vehicle with new designs that give your wheels more personality than ever before.
  • booster badges – Dress up the car with stickers in the new wrap editor, which includes fashion icon designs, new fonts, street art and more.
  • Fantastic pieces – Remove the fenders to give the car a more aggressive look. For this reason, players are sure to attract the attention of the competition.

Need for Speed ​​Unbound Developed exclusively for next-generation consoles and PCs to run in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. The game will be available on December 2 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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