April 16, 2024

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“Early demand from North America for Dutch peppers after good Spanish season”

“Early demand from North America for Dutch peppers after good Spanish season”

Marcel van der Bloem, Feeling Fresh:

THOLEN – Dutch fruit and vegetable exports to North America have already started, but Spanish pepper exports are also continuing well this winter, says Marcel van der Bloem of Feeling Fresh. “In October, a couple of hurricanes hit western Mexico, and that kind of wiped out production a little bit, and there was good demand for pepper throughout the winter.”

“We saw air freight rates relatively high in the first few months of last year. This year they are back to pre-pandemic levels. Now, Spanish peppers have been allowed to be exported to North America since mid-January. But that has increased demand. Fewer passenger flights with tourists to the US in the winter. “Therefore, the plane with the airspace was king,” says Marcel.

Demian van Duyenbot

“Because of the shortage, we were able to continue the Spanish season very well, and two weeks ago we started exporting the first Dutch peppers. You don't see that often, because the US is already on the market in March and certainly not. The price level is between 14 and 16 euros. That's a strong Not necessarily a prelude to spring, because you'll have to wait and see how high the demand is when Canadian production starts, but it's a good start to the season anyway.”

Marcel van der Bloem and Niels Ammerlaan

“Apart from chillies, we export a variety of packages. For example, eggplants were very expensive last year. This year the price has gone up a bit and exports continue to be steady. Dutch asparagus is also in demand. We have already exported the first Dutch chillies from the US. Rhubarb, chicory and Italian spinach are also in demand. Along with the products, we can offer our customers a variety of packages.”

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Demian and Niels

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