April 16, 2024

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Opportunities for Dutch horticulture companies in the US

Opportunities for Dutch horticulture companies in the US

Hillenrad currently conducts market research in the US on behalf of Innovation Quarterly, the Department of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, and Rotterdam Partners. The aim of the research is to map if and where there are opportunities for Dutch companies in the horticulture chain in the US. A report with the study results will be published before the summer.

The research focuses on six US states on the East Coast: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Georgia. These are not the most well-known and obvious horticultural states, about which a lot of knowledge has already been collected. However, large horticulture companies also operate in these states. Hillenraad explores what Dutch horticultural organizations can do in the states mentioned and how local cooperation can take place.

In addition, Dutch companies research maps that have plans or ambitions for foreign operations in the United States. Because of this, the research provides insight into the opportunities, possibilities and barriers that entrepreneurs may experience. An international research team conducts on-site research and establishes American horticultural contacts. In recent years, Hillenrad has completed a variety of consulting assignments in the United States. Because of this experience, Hillenrad is qualified for this research.

Ambitions in America
Many horticultural companies, such as growers or suppliers already active in the US, have expressed interest in the new possibilities. Additionally, there are connections with companies with ambitions in the US. Others may report to Hillenrad to be included in the investigation. By sharing specific ambitions and experiences with Hillenrad, we can explore whether there are opportunities for entrepreneurs in these states. This could provide an initial basis for possible collaboration with horticulture in these six states.

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Project partners
The research involves collaboration between several project partners, namely:

  • Innovation Quarter is the regional development agency for South Holland. The organization works on strategic, economic and social impact and supports companies with innovation, investment and internationalization.
  • Rotterdam Partners is committed to a future-proof and resilient Rotterdam economy. Due to its strategic location on Maas, the port, its logistical know-how and specialized services, Rotterdam is an international leader in the agriculture and food sector.
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
  • Hillenrad Partners is a consulting firm with deep knowledge and network in global horticulture. Since 2003, Hillenrad has been engaged in international consulting in the areas of market research, strategy, organizational development, finance and performance. The client base includes top companies in CEA.

Aspiring gardeners in the US can contact Thomas de Haas at [email protected].

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