May 24, 2024

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Een and Eyeworks share first images of Flemish adventure film 'Zeppos - Het Mercatorspoor' |  Movie

Een and Eyeworks share first images of Flemish adventure film ‘Zeppos – Het Mercatorspoor’ | Movie

Zeppos – Het Mercatorspoor is about two young men: Benjamin and Selene, played by Nathan Ninen and Brett Schulte. On his 18th birthday, Benjamin Correll inherited his father’s lost legacy, Ben Correll: a suitcase full of antiques, including a very rare old book. When he gives the old book to Celine, the girl he was a fan of, he inadvertently starts a chain reaction. An old man who introduces himself as Zeppos takes a keen interest in the book, formerly the property of the cartographer Mercator. Together they follow the secret path that Mercator left behind long ago, but a ruthless foe tries to prevent them from unraveling the mystery. Their dangerous pursuit not only brings them closer to Mercator’s secret, but also confronts Benjamin with his origins.

Carry Goossens takes on the role of the legendary Kapitein Zeppos, the main character from the popular VRT TV series from the 1960s. This series has been rebroadcast through many generations and was one of the first foreign successes of Flemish fiction. In addition, we also find Quinn de Poe, Nora Gharib and Carlos Schramm in important roles. The script was inspired by the character Kapitein Zeppos by Louis De Groof and written by Wouter Van Haver. Directed by Douglas Boswell.

Zeppos – Het Mercatorspoor is expected to hit theaters on February 23, 2022.

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