March 5, 2024

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Eli Iserbyt takes the crown in Superprestige

Eli Iserbyt takes the crown in Superprestige

For a long time, today's fans have been presented with a monotonous image at Middlekirk. In the women's race, Dutch champion Lucinda Brand has already left the first round, and the Dutch tricolor immediately takes the lead in the men's race.

Joris Nieuwenhuis seemed to have had a miracle day today, as after two laps he was already half a minute ahead of the rest.

Someone who didn't get off to the best start is Michael Vanthornhout. The mess with Ryan Camp attracted a lot of attention in the opening round. The European champion then had to channel his frustration into energy in order to catch up with the race.

Vanthornhout also succeeded in achieving his goal, and soon joined the pursuit group again, after which he also carried out Operation Influence.

Elie Iserbyt was going through a very difficult period and had to drop out of school when Lars van der Haar moved on. Battle with 2 for second place, you think.

But Izerbyt had a real resurrection and suddenly Van der Haar and Vanthornhout folded. Soon after, he also managed to capture the one and only Nieuwenhuis.

He clearly blew himself up, because the Dutchman had no reaction when Izerbyt passed him. Vanthornhout briefly crept close to his teammate, but was never able to fully lead the Belgian champion.

In this way, Iserbyt gives his recent victory in the Superprestige even more sparkle and scores his tenth win of the season. Tomorrow, he aims to achieve the fiftieth victory in his career.

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