March 5, 2024

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Volleyball machine Rosselare wins the Belgian Cup for the 16th time

Volleyball machine Rosselare wins the Belgian Cup for the 16th time

Rosellari did it again: he won the Belgian Cup Final for the 16th time in the club's history. This time in a meeting with West Flemish Minnen, in which the front-runner managed to steal a group.

Does Minin put anything in the way of Rosselare's volleyball crusher at all? This was the question on every fan's mind before the cup final.

Even the most optimistic fans had to admit in the first set that things were not looking good. The champion and cup holder immediately set the bar very high in Sportpaleis.

Minin – almost literally – hit the wall. Rossellari's mass was rock solid. Midfielder Peter Coleman certainly enjoyed himself in the opening phase. Things also went smoothly offensively, as the score ended 17-25.

A small blow for Frank Depesteel's men, but they recovered immediately. Under the slogan “Even the Hardest,” Minin fought for every point in the second set. With a competitor who made many mistakes, hope revived again after a difficult match with a score of 27-25. Was this the transformation?

Well, no. Rossellari got rid of the blemishes and raised his game a bit.

Under the momentum of the demolition hammer Sepi Ruti, the defending champions dashed all hopes. Two easy group wins and another victory followed.

As was the case last year, Rossellari easily beat Minin in the final. With 16 trophies, he is the record holder, his great rival Masek has 14 trophies in his trophy cabinet.