April 17, 2024

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Email proves: meeting at Boris Johnson's official residence was really a 'party'

Email proves: meeting at Boris Johnson’s official residence was really a ‘party’


Employees of 10 Downing Street have already been invited to a party in the garden of the official residence of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This was stated in an email received by ITV news channel asking employees to “come and enjoy the great weather”. The UK was closed at the time, and then the British people were allowed to meet someone else outdoors.

GVsource: ITV News

The email was sent in May 2020 by Martin Reynolds, Johnson’s private secretary, to more than 100 Downing Street employees. Its text: “Hi everyone, After a very busy period it would be great to enjoy the great weather to the fullest, and some socially distant For drinks in the garden number 10 Tonight. You’re welcome from 6pm, bring your drinks! Reportedly, about 40 employees accepted the invitation, including the Prime Minister and his wife, Carey.

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In recent months and years, there have been more rumors of meetings in Downing Street that violated Corona’s measures, but the Johnson government has always denied that they were parties.

The question is whether this violation will get Johnson into trouble. An internal government investigation is currently underway into the earlier allegations, and the incident is now also said to have been investigated. Downing Street declined to comment on the news.

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