April 17, 2024

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Employees are eager to use Copilot

Employees are eager to use Copilot

Microsoft is investing heavily in artificial intelligence by adding Copilot Assistant to its Office applications. American companies were able to trial Copilot for six months, and it has great potential. There are still questions about the price-quality ratio.

Why is this important?

Microsoft wants to make AI a spearhead. CEO Satya Nadella sees Copilot as essential to growing his company. He wants to compete openly with Google and Meta. However, that has not actually started yet.

In the news: Copilot testers find the app too expensive.

  • Copilot, just like ChatGPT or Google Gemini, is an assistant that works with artificial intelligence. It can summarize emails and create texts. Microsoft hopes to beat the competition through quick integration with its Office suite. Copilot offers real-time help in Word, PowerPoint, or Teams.
  • The chatbot was already added to Bing, but it didn't have enough traction to convince people to use Google Lin

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