April 17, 2024

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Renovation of service buildings Zelzatetunnel – Architectuur.nl

Renovation of service buildings Zelzatetunnel – Architectuur.nl

The Zelzate Tunnel dates back to 1968 but has stood the test of time. However, its good condition stands in stark contrast to the identical, unoccupied artistic buildings on either side that are in need of renovation. Engineering company Witteveen+Bos is renovating these service buildings on behalf of the Roads and Traffic Agency (AWV).

Renovation is necessary, among other things, because the facade panels are damaged and crumbling. They are replaced by blue flat sandwich panels that are placed vertically. Each panel has a fin to absorb settlement and create a dynamic profile of the facade. In addition, the designers chose black aluminum windows.

At the stairs, the contractor installs prefabricated wall elements of light, smooth concrete in strips. The staircase thus takes on a more modern look and is more visible. This certainly improves the visibility of the buildings to passersby. The ventilation shaft is finished with grilles equipped with horizontal aluminum slats. By aiming correctly, the birds will not be able to reach and visibility from the highway will be limited.

Inner face lift

In addition to the “renewal” of the facades, both artistic buildings will receive a complete interior facelift. There are several technologies that control the ventilation of tunnels, high and low voltage installations and water pumps. Modernization and innovation are key here. Both buildings are also subdivided in the context of passive fire safety.

Sustainable tunnel lighting

Finally, a wind turbine and solar power plant will be built in the Zelzate West complex – where the E34 and R4 intersect. After all, tunnels are a real consumer of energy: the lights are always on and the ventilation is constantly running. The energy supply for two tunnels – the Zelzate Tunnel and the Debbauts Tunnel – can be made sustainable and self-sufficient with medium-sized wind turbines and 5,000 square meters of solar panels.

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